A brief summary of today’s articles

Since there is an English track, we try to include English-written articles during the entire week and also summarize some German articles.

Gym is everywhere

During his studies, Louis Nicholls and fellow student and friend Silvan Krähenbühl came the idea for a start-up that would allow people to use their gym subscription wherever they go. So together, they founded Gymhopper. Today, the start-up has already 19 people employed and the Europe-wide launch is in the making.

The new President

Starting this year, Mario Imsand will be the new president of the student union. The president represents the students of the university, leads the board of directors and coordinates its members, the individual departments and projects. His word of advice for our new students: Become involved in student life, don’t get frightend by the assessment year too much (it’s doable), and take every advise with a grain of salt.

Meeting Points

The [ad]hoc and the Meeting Point are the two student bars. The [ad]hoc provides you with delicious coffees while at the Meeting Point the beer is more important. If you often visit the two bars, think about buying the Gastro Pass, where you get one Franken discount on drinks and food.

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