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Buy more to spend less

Do you need to save money? What about buying larger quantities to reduce the cost per 100g? Or you can use your student ID to get discounts and look up useful websites such as «Projekt Neptun» or the facebook group «Sharing is Caring». If everything fails, go to hsgcareer.ch and get yourself a part-time job. Popular is work in retail, for example at Manor, Lidl or clothing stores. Don’t forget bars, cinemas and catering agencies.

Vito Roberto interviewed

Vito Roberto outlines different strategies to ace the assessment year. We talked with him about robots, his online videos and his reformed course package. He also shared an important advice, which he has followed his entire life: Work hard, but enjoy your free time as well. He urges you to do the same. You should believe him.

Guardian of the books

Marlis Werz, a true librarian, dedicates her private and professional life to books. On Monday she gave a lively introduction to the library. Praising the university’s progressiveness, she is looking forward to the starting week and beyond. Apart from literature, Mrs Werz enjoys travelling, a passion she can pursue thanks to the library’s flexibility. She has visited many exotic places and is planning a four months lasting trip around the world by boat.

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